Today, Steve Girvin taught the @ISSYale students how to securely send secret messages from YQI to
@JacksonYale using the quantum key distribution scheme encryption BB84 (and figuring out if someone spied on them!). The class recording will be available on Youtube soon.

Looking for a weekend read? What about this new article from Michel Devoret's lab on Quantum interference of tunneling paths under a double-well barrier? It's on the arXiv here:

Today at 4, YQI Artist in Residence
Stewart Smith will kick off Physics Open Mic! Local beers & snack will be offered, but also the new CocaCola Dreamworld because art and science is really the dream!
(also @FlofloFlr wanted an excuse to try the new flavour without buying a whole pack!)

Hello everyone! Using Quantum Error Correction as a model and making sure we have social media redundancy!

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